Why do things have to be so hard

Iron thread, black foam, photographic paper, mousse magazine N. 54, site specific


As an intention in tension project “Why do things have to be so hard” is a set of creative ideas becoming artworks before their complete realisation. The inspiration for a reflection on art as social container starts with a lecture on a karoshi (death for work excess) episode in Japan. In 2015 matsuri Takahashi committed suicide at the age of 24 because of the extreme hard work conditions inside the first publicity agency in the country. She left just a note to her mom: “Why do things have to be so hard?” Where are we going? Human life has become a temporary trend. Art is not a celebrity. It does not desire ambition. As an action in spreads desire. So I sketch a 5 pieces project at Viafarini studio to represent the emotional jump leading the artist creative process.